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Over My Head is an idea from the creative mind of Tony Garcia.

Tony is the lead actor, and the musical director for this project.
Tony  has been producing music since I was 16. He has an established following in South Florida.
Tony contacted Patrick Price who is writing and directing “Over My Head” He has been in the film business for 10 years.

He has produced 15 music videos for various artist including national rap artist “Smitty”
They have put together an eclectic talented cast. Including Justin Sims son of local legend Dennis Sims, and former Pro Wrestler Shawn Ambrosino and budding stars “autism  channels”Phil Resil and Alex Fine.

In “Over My Head” TK forgetfulness causes the the love of his life, Sandy Hills, attempt to attend the best musical university to pursue her dreams.
He attempts to make it up to her, with his computer genius side kick to use ransom ware to blackmail criminals for incriminating information they retrieve using high tech equipment from the criminals phones,
They accidentally try to black mail a super cop and are being perused by the mob and the police.

This project is being filmed by award winning DP Matt Miller and will be shopped to the major Film Festival and will be a vehicle to produce a feature film.

Thank you for your consideration and contribution for our labor of love, sweat and tear.


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