Paul Is Very Sick After Getting The MRI With The Contrast


December 27 2017 MRIs with contrast 10 days later he had pains Rippling throughout his whole body he couldn’t walk he could barely stand up at that time Paul had pushed through this and he was still crippling through his body and he couldn’t walk! If you have filed Paul on his Facebook pages we have for watched him deteriorate! Some of his live videos feed we all four he had Parkinson’s Disease by the way he was moving we will convince. P

aul, he always put himself second never put him first and he still does that! But because he always was always into helping other people first which he still does even though no matter how sick he is boy he has become I don’t know how he does it he just does he even does the live feeds and he calls people on the phone so he can talk to them one on one but yet every day is getting worse and worse.

But he is getting people better and you people know who you are Paul has a gift and it’s a gift that should not be taken lightly so if you are really part of our family I would definitely listen to what Paul really has to say and maybe it will sink in. I think it’s time we give call a break and help him give back by giving back and giving him a break let’s all donate $5.00 $10.00 $50.00 whatever you can find in your heart to donate I had given my last money and helping him because I knew he needed it. So again I really hope everyone has read this to the end this means a great deal and like I said Paul has a gift that should not be taken lightly!

And no matter how sick he is he’s always there for people so let’s be there for him people and let’s donate.
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