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We have been in solar for over 24 years. We are a local solar company in Tri-Cities Washington . Both of the owners have been to Puerto Rico and our hearts are saddened by the response and suffering of the people there due to this last Hurricane they have endured. Early in Eugene Wilkie’s career, (one of the partners in Now! Solar) he installed a couple of solar projects in Puerto Rico for resorts. Puerto Rico is in desperate need for power. We would like to do our part and provide as much power to them as possible with solar. While we are sending some ourselves we would love to get others involved in helping and make this a statement to the world on how you power back up after a natural disaster. Solar panels have dropped dramatically in price but for off-grid applications like this, one needs to have batteries for powering things like air conditioning. See picture below for an example of solar with battery for emergency power. We will send these over pre-wired. I have several of my employees that have volunteered that if we raise enough to validate a tech needed to go over they would be more than happy to go hook up systems for the people. Some of the units we are sending over will just be for charging electronics such as cell phones and computers such as the picture below. We will keep you updated as funds come in. If anyone has solar experience and would like to volunteer to set up these systems in Puerto Rico or even better if you know someone there that would like to help please let us know. Solar is amazing in that as soon as it gets there they just set it up and instant power without the need of additional fuel. Please spread the word far and wide as fast and thank YOU!
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