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Hello Everyone,

it has always been my goal to found my own fashion label. I studied fashion design and then did an internship for a year in Amsterdam for the designer Iris van Herren. I was able to gain a lot of experience there, from haute couture to Fashion Week Paris. After that I worked 6 months in Denmark for Anne Sofie Madsen. After my time in Denmark, I spent 6 months in Stuttgart at Rich&Royal where I gained important experience.
After that I decided to start my own business with my own fashion label. My online shop has been active for almost a year.
I produce modern hoodies, t-shirts, jogging pants, tank tops etc. with prints made of organic high quality cotton.

I registered here at gofundme to be able to take the next big steps with my label as soon as possible.
I’ve planned for the budget:

– visit international fashion fairs to get my goods in stores
– shootings
– Advertising ( Google Ads Instagram Facebook)
– Fashion Videos
– send goods to celebrities (international )

I would be infinitely grateful for your support. This would bring me even closer to my goal, for which I work unstoppably very hard.

Thank you for your time reading my story and plans.

Online Shop:
Instagram: 3reer. 3

best regards


For more info: http://