TONDAO Leads the New Wave in GameFi Shaping the Future of Web3 with Innovative Mining Models and Ecosystem Incentives

TONDAO Leads the New Wave in GameFi: Shaping the Future of Web3 with Innovative Mining Models and Ecosystem Incentives

Since March 2024, TON’s coin price has experienced a significant surge, with a corresponding increase in on-chain activity. This boost comes in the wake of Telegram’s announcement to adopt TON for processing advertising revenues, Binance’s launch of U-stablecoin contracts, and Telegram’s pursuit of an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Telegram’s founder, Durov, revealed that the platform’s monthly active users have surpassed 900 million, with the company’s valuation exceeding $30 billion. An IPO is actively under consideration.


The Open Network (TON), meticulously crafted by the renowned Telegram team in 2018, stands as a fully decentralized Layer 1 blockchain. It is distinguished by its exceptional scalability, sharding capabilities, rapid transaction speeds, low transaction costs, and user-friendly applications. TONCoin, the ecosystem token of the TON blockchain, has been successfully listed on 16 exchanges, consistently ranking within the top 15 globally by market capitalization. The TON ecosystem boasts over 600 applications, actively engaging in research and innovation to offer immersive Web3 experiences to a broader Web2 audience.


Amidst the current bull market, investors and community members are keen on strategizing their engagement to acquire more TON tokens. A significant spotlight is on the GameFi ecosystem supported by the TON blockchain—TONDAO.


TONDAO (The Open Network Dao), initiated by early TON miners and community developers, consists of 3 elected nodes and 12 validator nodes, receiving prime support from the TON Foundation. Leveraging Telegram’s 1.3 billion active users, TONDAO aims to construct a decentralized, shared, self-governed, co-creative, and mutually beneficial GameFi ecosystem. To date, TONDAO has invested in two game development teams in South Korea and has strategically positioned itself in the Swap and Wallet domains. Through the introduction of TON node mining pools and Web3 gaming sectors, TONDAO offers community members the opportunity to share in the ecosystem’s growth dividends.

TONDAO’s global launch of TON node mining pools, comprising both validator and election pools, features an innovative dual-mining model. Sixty percent of the output is in TONCoin, while forty percent is in TOD, eliciting a warm market reception. Participants in the TON node mining pool collectively enjoy the value benefits brought by TON and TOD.


TOD tokens, as TONDAO’s ecosystem incentive tokens, are set at a total issuance of 100 million. With no pre-sales or pre-mining, all tokens are generated through mining, ensuring their scarcity and potential value. The allocation mechanism for TOD is balanced, encompassing node mining, game mining, community treasury, community airdrops, and core developers. With a regular burning mechanism, scarce circulation, and definite application scenarios, TOD’s potential for value growth is substantial, offering early community participants consistent, stable ecological value growth.

TONDAO employs a DAO-based community governance model. TOD tokens not only represent voting rights and governance within the community but also allow holders to earn multi-currency returns through LP mining pools. In the Web3 gaming and DeFi ecosystems, TOD plays a pivotal role. Moreover, holders have the opportunity to receive priority airdrops and early IDOs from high-quality projects within the TON ecosystem, providing more dividends for long-term community supporters in TONDAO’s ecosystem development.


Looking ahead, TONDAO will continue to focus on the development of the Web3 gaming ecosystem, introducing the first Web3 gaming ecosystem and a globally unique Web3 gaming wallet, further innovating and consolidating its leadership position in the GameFi ecosystem. By facilitating TOD’s listing on major global exchanges, TONDAO looks forward to embracing the new opportunities of the Web3 era with users worldwide.


As TONDAO continues to grow and expand, we are confident that its innovative mining models and ecosystem incentives will offer unprecedented value growth opportunities to community members. In the wave of Web3, TONDAO, with its unique charm and potential, leads the new wave in the GameFi ecosystem, jointly scripting a new chapter in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Let us eagerly anticipate how TONDAO will shape a more prosperous, fair, and open digital future on a global scale.


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