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www.TheDegreePeople.com: Your RFE Experts

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Jun 20, 2024 (EMWNews.com) – Founded by Sheila Danzig, www.thedegreepeople.com specializes in providing expert opinion letters and credential evaluation services to address and prevent Requests for Evidence (RFEs). With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the RFE process, Sheila and her team are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations navigate the complexities of international credential recognition.

***Understanding RFEs**

A Request for Evidence (RFE) is a notice from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requesting additional information or documentation to support an application. RFEs can be issued for various reasons, including insufficient evidence of educational or professional qualifications, discrepancies in documentation, or unclear descriptions of credentials. Receiving an RFE can delay the processing of your application and may even result in a denial if not properly addressed.

**Expert Opinion Letters**
The team at www.thedegreepeople.com specializes in providing expert opinion letters designed to prevent and reverse RFEs. Their expert opinion letters offer an authoritative analysis of foreign educational credentials or professional experience, providing clear and detailed comparisons to U.S. standards.

***These Letters are Essential for
Preventing and Reversing RFEs**

Their expert opinion letters are meticulously prepared to address the specific concerns that can lead or have lead to an RFE.

By providing comprehensive and accurate evaluations along with the expert letters, they help prevent RFEs from being issued in the first place. If an RFE has already been issued expert opinion letters can provide the necessary evidence to address the issues raised by USCIS, significantly increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome. They have a 92% approval rate for H2B and I140 filings. 

**Why Choose www.thedegreepeople.com?**
– **RFE Expertise:**

Their team has extensive experience in dealing with RFEs and understands the critical factors that can lead to their issuance.

“We tailor our expert opinion letters to directly address all factors. We have one eye on the case and one on the RFE to insure the strongest response,” said Danzig. Almost all of our business are referrals and repeat clients. Beneficiaries turn to attorneys and attorneys turn to us”.

**Accuracy and Reliability:**

The  expert letters are conducted by the appropriate professionals that CIS want, ensuring precision and dependability in every assessment.-

**Personalized Service:**

They do not provide cookie cutter solutions, but instead work with each client to present customized solutions that meet their unique needs and  USCIS requirements.-

**Client-Focused Approach:**

“At www.thedegreepeople.com, we prioritize our clients’ needs, providing exceptional service and support throughout the evaluation process,” Danzig added. 

**No Charge Analysis of Any Case**
For a complete analysis of any case go to www.CCIFree.com/ and fill out the short form. Then send your documents as directed.  Sheila will personally get back to you as quickly as possible with all of your options as well as the exact cost before you order.

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