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My uncle and were involved in a head-on collision on October 11. I am raising as much money as I can to help the pay off all their debts and purchase a new house that they can make handicap accessible. The trailer that they live in is too small for them to get around in their wheelchairs. Please help get the word out and help donate size of donations doesn’t matter.

Hi, my name is Annie Anderson.  On October 11 my uncle and aunt were involved in a head on collision.  Thank God they survived, but due to the accident my aunt cannot work.  My uncle who is in the picture is disabled and now is suffering with multiple broken bones on top of his disability.

He has a broken pelvic bone, ankle, and ribs.  His wife suffers from broken facial bones, broken nose, broken ribs, broken kneecap, broken collar bone and broken ankle.  The only have one 20 year old daughter who has stopped working in order to divide her time between her mom and dad who is in two different cities.

These people when they were able would give you the shirts off their back.  I could not let them go through this tragedy alone without trying to help.  Their bills are piling up and the collectors are calling nonstop.  My goal is to raise this amount or more in order for them to pay off all their debts so they only have to concentrate on their healings.  Please help us.  I know you maybe skeptical but I promise I have never ever done this before and would never do anything like this to scam anybody.

I have been a victim of scammers so I know how it feels.  Its so hard to try and be strong when you see your loved ones in a hospital bed not knowing if they are going to live or die.  You want to cry but cant because you have to be that shoulder their daughter has to lean on.  I have had to watch my aunt who has her mouth shut try to explain to the collectors their dilemma and they are still adamant and never once said I am sorry to hear that.  I watch the paramedics pull my uncle out of a car he was trapped in, seeing my aunt on a stretcher barely moving.  So I would never ever use this bad expérience to con anybody.

I just want to help.  I would appreciate any donations that you or anybody you know could give.

God bless you.  For those that don’t feel comfortable going through gofundme can call me for more information @9856026471.

God bless you in advance

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