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Together we are doing something exciting for our Planet!

—We are creating forest-friendly coffee farming & clean energy coffee processing in harmony with threatened national parks

—We are empowering and bringing new economic benefits to our coffee growing communities

—And to accomplish this, we are using our MDI solar/biofuel technologies and long-term education partnerships & programs to reduce deforestation and climate change …
….in partnership with your donations & support.

The Mesoamerican Development Institute is partnering with the Honduran Forest, Park and Wildlife Service and organized small coffee producers in an initiative to transition coffee production to sustainable practices in harmony with threatened national parks.
Even if you enjoy and rely on coffee as much as we do, you may not be aware of coffee’s impact on deforestation and climate change.

We are implementing an alternative model of coffee cultivation and coffee processing that is designed to conserve forest habitat, protect national parks, and move small producers to the forefront of sustainable supply chains.

Please support our efforts to scale-up our model with the establishment of the Yoro Biological Corridor and to secure its funding from the Green Climate Fund. The initiative is endorsed by organized small coffee producers, all 11 mayors of Yoro and it Governor, the Honduran Forest, Park and Wildlife Service, and the Honduran Office on Climate Change.

With your support, we can keep the positive momentum and continue the dynamic participation in the public seminars and legal process to establish the Corridor, and keep our team of highly-skilled local youth working to map and document forest-friendly farms and managing and operating the world’s first off-grid industrial coffee processing facility using renewable energy technology.

 —$25 provides transportation to present at the public seminars throughout Yoro organized by Ministry of the Environment and National Resources
 —$50 provides a week of coordinating phone calls with government ministries and development agencies in pursuit of funding the Yoro Biological Corridor ($64 million, 10-year funding program)
 —$250 provides a week of onsite training with local expert
 —-$1,000 allows us to map and document a forest-friendly (Integrated Open Canopy) coffee farm

The Yoro Biological Corridor Initiative that we are pursuing with World Bank and Green Climate Fund is a 10-year, $64 million proposal that includes the following to promote the transformation of the coffee sector to reduce its impact on deforestation and provide the training/education infrastructure to replicate the model in any coffee region worldwide:

• A rural campus of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH – by its acronym) in Subirana, Yoro
• A new Masters Program in Renewable Energy for Rural Communities and accredited greenhouse gas validation & verification entity between the University of Massachusetts and UNAH
• Working capital for the scale up of the platform of clean technology for processing coffee at carbon neutral processing facilities
• Funds for the procurement of coffee through the program to satisfy growing demand for coffee produced and processed using the Yoro Model
• Support for research stations at each of the parks, along with support for the local environmental offices for the municipalities

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