Family in desperate need GoFundME Campaign

A family has had an extremely hard time over the past few years and do their best to not ask anyone for help. Every time something bad happens, they pick themselves up and try their best to move forward.

First it was their home being lost due to the park closing. In the process of moving, padlocks were placed on the doors and the remainder of their items were unable to be obtained.

Next was the lost their vehicle. After some time they were able to get something else. Now their crappy “new” vehicle is broken down. Their vehicle needs work they can’t afford. And obtaining stable employment has become difficult due to transportation as well.

They lost everything they owned and never asked anyone to replace their things. Instead, they’ve done their best to replace things themselves.

Now they are about to lose everything once again due to finances and being unable to pay storage fees. If they could just get things finally taken care of, I believe they’ll be able to move on in life, obtain stable employment, and be happy.

Any money donated will go towards only necessary repairs, expenses, and things for their children that are needed.

Please share this as much as possible and donate anything you can

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