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I am very ashamed to admit this, be we are in desperate need of a helping hand. I have been determined to make things work and take care of things myself like I always have. Unfortunately, now I am completely desperate, out of options, and really have to ask for help which is not something I normally never do. This year has been a rough one. My fiance lost his job in the beginning of the year, he got a new job about a week later, only to be laid off after two months. He tried very hard every day to find a new job, but for some reason was having a lot of trouble getting a new job anywhere. He ended up being unemployed for about 4 months. We were able to collect a little unemployment during that time, but it was hardly anything, pretty much only paid for groceries for our little 3-person family (there is my fiance, our 3 yr. old daughter, and myself). I have been juggling bills trying to pay everything by myself. I tried to cut back/save on anything I could, work overtime, and have even been selling things we have in our home that we didn’t need. Just trying anyway, I could to juggle the bills and keep us in our apt. Recently my fiance has gotten a job at a factory through a temp agency, and has been working as hard as possible to show them he is a great hard dedicated worker, so he hopefully gets hired on to the company itself. But unfortunately even with him getting a couple of paychecks in now, it’s just not enough. We are so behind, and just can’t seem to find a way out of it. I don’t have much left that I can try to sell for money, our families unfortunately are too broke to help right now, especially my fiance’s parents who are disabled and cannot help. I am really just desperate to figure out how to get enough money for rent. Our rent is $690. I am just praying that someone, anyone with a kind heart can help us out just a little. Even a $1 towards helping us getting rent covered this month would really mean the world to us! I just am trying to do everything in my power to make sure we don’t lose our apartment, especially with winter coming. Then to top it all off today we found out our only car needs about $1,000 worth of work. This is an extra expense we really can’t afford, but if the car stops working my fiance will have no way to get to his job. I just don’t know what else to do. I feel like we have hit rock bottom, and I’m just not sure where to go from here. I feel I have run out of options, and really sincerely need some help. So if anyone one can please help us at all, I would be forever grateful to you! I really want to thank you so much for your time to read this, and if you are able to help out at all we want to thank you for the bottom of our hearts! We truly appreciate it! If we somehow get $690 that will go directly to rent. Any amount over that will go towards the $1,00 we need to fix our car. Honestly any amount will help at this point.

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