Lights That Shine Hope GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Lights That Shine Hope is a fundraiser to help people in disaster areas use the very first thing that gives them hope to see ahead in their dark days. The fund helps the purchase of light tools and resources, such as batteries, battery wall switches, flashlights, hat lights, lightbars and much more.

– Battery wall switches stick to the walls like regular wall switches that can illuminate a whole room.
– Flashlights and hatlights will help them get around.
– Lightbars are big enough to sufficiently light up large spaces.

We need this expedited effort to show our American citizens we love them and are there to support them any and every way we can.

Our current targeted area will support Puerto Rico as they are at only 38% light on the island and are expected to be without electricity for months. Can you truly envision yourself in this situation? Neither could we.

Please help support this fund to give people their first light that shines hope for them and show that humanity and love still exists.

Light a way
Lights of glory
Lights of love
Lights of stories
Let us sing
Let us praise
Let loves shine
Shine dark days
Think of safety
Think of children
Think of sick
The old in buildings
Give in small
Give in plenty
Give together
Give in many
Struggle afar
Struggle together
Struggle good days
Struggle bad weather
Share with hope
Share with love
Share a way
For God above