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Our friend, John Oluwagbemiga, based in Lagos, Nigeria is currently distressed. In the past two years, he has been continuously losing weight from 105kg in October 2014 to 80kg as at Friday, August 17, 2017.

Two months ago, prompted by persistent health breakdowns, he commenced a series of tests and examinations. Current diagnosis have revealed the existence of lymphoma, erratic white blood corpuscles that have become cancerous, in his liver and spleen. His recent cardiography have also shown a diastolic dysfunction.

After eight weeks, the tests have not been concluded. Yet, no treatment! Meanwhile, more than $1,500 have been expended on those tests.

The issue right now is that it is advisable for him to seek medical attention abroad. He requires about $30,000 for necessary evaluation and management. John doesn’t have the necessary financial resources to undertake this trip.

John is an extremely nice person who naturally helps other people who have health challenges. I need you to support him. LET US SAVE JOHN. God bless you as you respond to this appeal.
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