Murder survivors need help please

ANGEL KAIN - Murder survivors need help pleaseMy name is Angel and on March 4th, 2016 my better half was gunned down in our home right in front of me. He died despite mine and EMS efforts of CPR. He was a great man who worked hard, loved his family deeply, fought hard for this country and was a good friend. He was the sole support for our family as I am disabled and currently fighting for disability benefits. I am about to lose our family home with no where else to go and no other means to survive. I will lose everything we worked so hard to achieve. The house is being foreclosed, the food stamps have gone away because they were in his name and I do not qualify.


The bills will not be paid, the truck and house need major repairs and I am at a lose as to what to do. A friend mentioned this site to me so out of desperation I am trying it to see if maybe the world will help us get through this. We are very far behind on our mortgage payments because the lender would not work with us when I became unable to work and Bo had gotten out of the Army. So we missed one payment and the lender refused to allow us to options and said that the past due balance had to be paid in full or not at all. Told me if I sent in a partial payment that it would not be put towards the balance. So the payments of course just kept stacking up and has become un-payable.

I am begging for help to save my family please. I will answer any questions, can show proof that the house is in foreclosure with a sale date. This is not some scam, you can Google Bo Swetlik and see a lovely photo of our house with our truck in the driveway from the morning he was shot. I can even show a picture of his urn that is next to my bed. My whole world went away that day and now I am loosing everything we ever owned. Please, please, please help our family.


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