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We are the Beirley Family. Our 5 daughters were diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in January of 2016. They are now 19,18,17,16 & 3. Two of our daughters, our 17 year old, Angelina, and our 3 year old, Savannah, were diagnosed with Alpha One Anti-Trypsin Deficiency as well. Angel was diagnosed with Alpha One in 2003 at Duke Children’s Hospital, and Savannah was just diagnosed earlier this year –2016–.

We live in SE WA and have been to Seattle Children’s (where they were diagnosed) and also Spokane’s Providence Children’s Hospital. We feel like our daughters were not treated as well as they should have been there. Our Savannah at a medical visit in Spokane contracted a bacterial infection because the doctor was extremely careless with his medical routine.

We are asking for monetary assistance to move and set up a home in Houston, TX or the surrounding area, so that our daughters can get the medical treatment they need from the number 1 hospital in the United States for children’s specialties, including pulmonology. We appreciate any assistance that you can give to help us achieve our goal. The total amount listed is what rent would be for 19 months and to set up utilities, plus the cost of a moving company to help move us to Texas.

Those who donate from our surrounding area, we will be having a yard sale in the spring to sell some of our stuff to raise the funds we need to move.

Thank you so very much!

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