Promoting Reason over Religious Dogmas in Ghana GoFundME Campaign

We are raising funds to support our mission of changing the narratives in Ghana from a country that projects itself as a religious country to one that embraces reason over religious dogmas.

Over the years, the country has been gripped by insane religious practices that have now become a threat to rationality and ability to question faith doctrines critically.

Proliferation of churches and places of worship, littering of the country and streets with religious and faith material, and many acts of religious practices such as fake prophecies, have not only become a repugnant sight but something that is gradually re-shaping the psyche of the current generations and yet-to-be-born ones in a direction that is very dangerous and pernicious and needed to be nipped in the bud now.

Our effort is meant to begin to create a whole new system that will equip individuals to start questioning practices and occurrences that some classify as spiritual, religious, supernatural for which they dedicate themselves to worshipping all manner of deities, to providing them with multimedia materials that give rational and scientific explanations for these same things without the need to invoke a deity.

We are currently using twitter and the hashtag #BeAwake to create awareness where we try to provide a counter narrative to debunk some of these religious practices that have simple scientific explanation and yet some choose to worship sky gods for their occurrence, all because people lack logical explanations for why these events happen at the first place, and instead wrongly ascribe them to the workings of a deity.

We intend to take this initiative a step further by promoting the campaign on radio airwaves, TV adverts, intensified efforts using Social media. Programs such as in-studio TV discussion, seminars, live social media broadcasts to discuss science and other complementary subjects that we believe by bringing this information to the homes of families, it will go a long way to equip them to start seeing things from different perspectives apart from religious lenses only.

We also plan to expand on our team to cover expertise from other subject areas such as: Neuroscience, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Neurobiology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Mathematics.

In addition, we plan to recruit graphic designers and video editors of like minds who will assist the team to provide the necessary educational multimedia materials that will communicate scientific and logical explanations in an easy-to-understand manner for mass consumption.

The ultimate goal of this effort is to change the narratives, first in Ghana, and then to other African countries that have the same challenges, and allow individuals to question things by themselves and not quickly jump to religion for things that we believe have objective scientific explanations.
Religion has become a business enterprise and it’s the poor and already impoverished ones that are at the receiving end.

At the long run, we believe we will create a society that is fully AWAKE to the workings of nature and will not jump to any religious doctrines that harm psychologically, and expose them to exploitation by fake pastors and religious businessmen/women.

This effort will also ensure we equip the current and yet-to-be-born generation with the critical thinking and questioning attitude to face the future with.

We therefore need assistance to support this campaign to make it a success.

Thank you

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