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I’m a mother of 4. Been having a hard time for a while because my house burned down last year…..I’m trying to move in my new home because trying to pay for us hotel rooms day by day I’m spending too much money and it’s keeping me in a bind.

Christian is my 3rd child and he has a very serious medical condition. He has hydrocephalus and is in and out of hospitals having different major surgeries and I’m trying to get stable for him ASAP.

I’m using all this money towards housing needs and things my children need and i’m very grateful for any donations.I’m trying to get back on my feet for my kids and just get them as comfortable as possible quickly.

Its Christmas and it’s very important I get stable.

Thanks and God Bless everyone


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/helping-us-change-our-life

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