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Should I just give up on my dreams? Will I ever succeed? Will my struggle ever end? I ask myself every time as another obstacle blocks my path. Will the cycle of “I am poor because I am poor” eventually break? However, such a gentle voice reminds me that I should never give up.

I am Raymond from Tanzania, East Africa. Born in a family of seven, I am the eldest brother. I remember almost getting kicked out of school in third grade due to fee debts but being kept because I was always first in my class. Alas! I licked my own wounds and I kept working extremely hard to complete my next challenges.

At last, my efforts paid off in High School when I was announced to be among the top 3 best students in overall academic performance and the best student in mathematics on my graduation.


I am not going to share more burdens I have faced in my life because regardless of all the hardships I have faced, I still ought to thank God. I might come from a family that sometimes barely afford meals but it is the happiest communion I have ever encountered. Although we do have several complications, there are people dying of hunger so I must be grateful for my life.

I am to attend St. John’s College in US this fall as a freshman. I will most probably engage in the college’s distinctive liberal arts program. This college has been such a blessing to me.

They have offered me an unbelievable $59,200 financial package. However, I still cannot attend because I need $8000 annually to afford for the remaining tuition, room, flight and books expenses. It is too much for my family to support unless I wish to leave them in starvation. Hence, I need your assistance!

I sought for international education because I believe I will prosper with the knowledge I will receive. St. John’s distinct curriculum, eloquent professors, presence of quality equipment, cultural diversity and many more are just some of the benefits I will gain. I wish to find myself as a person, to actually survey before I declare my major and have a global experience.

This exposure will enable me to be a striving patriot to my country. The education I will gain is for bettering Tanzania. I wish the good practiced overseas be practiced in my society too. I yearn to be among those who will improve the standard living of my people and to alleviate their suffering. I am not pursuing my career for the sake of the bank but assuring my time on Earth memorable to all whom I can approach.


Please be a part in changing my society!!

PS: I was accepted as a January freshman for the class of 2020 but I had to defer to fall class of 2021 due to financial reasons.

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