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Bear In Mind is an easy-to-use reminder app and To-do list for children and teenagers. The app is designed to be a quick, fun and effective reminder app that boost children’s self-confidence and help them avoiding tricky situations when they forget about important opportunities and commitments.
The app is available on App Store, and soon for Android.
Please help us to raise money so we can advertise in a parenting magazine. The app has been reviewed as a top-rated in the category for children.


Our product

Bear In Mind is an easy-to-use reminder app and To-do list for children and teenagers.
It features a daily morning alarm, a daily task list, alarm reminders on tasks, unique ringtones and users can make quick calls.
You can even create your own VIP contact list with photos and call directly from the app.

Bear In Mind is very intuitive with features that keep users focused on their daily tasks. The simple and colorful design and easy navigation create a positive user experience.
Set up takes minimal time and setting reminders even less.

Choose a reminder day and enable tasks according to your needs, pick a ringtone, and you are ready for the day. Bear In Mind will take care of the rest to make sure you don’t forget anything.
If you only want to be reminded of a task and need no alarm, Bear In Mind can do that as well. Just enable a task and it is visible on the To-do list.

Need to make a call? Easy – just do it from the Bear In Mind app. All you have to do is to create your VIP contact list with close friends, family, or emergency numbers. You can even personalize your contact list by taking a photo of your closest relatives, select an image from the photo gallery or an avatar from the app gallery.

We have just made it even easier for children and teenagers to reach their relevant contacts.

Special icons

We have designed a variety of different icons to fit everyday tasks. You can find icons for e.g diabetes, insulin, medicine, EpiPen, asthma-inhaler, homework, bus-pass, bike lights in the app. There are 42 different icons in total. It is easy to create your own task icons as well by taking a picture to fit needs or use the colored icons for any task of your choice.


The app has already been reviewed by Common Sense Media. They awarded the app a 4* review and rated the app as a “Top Rated” reminder app for children.…

Where are we now?

In January 2017 we launched the iPhone version of Bear In Mind. The Android is under development and will soon be launched.

We have launched a website in 6 languages and have 3 animation videos in 3 languages.

You can visit our website on,
Please share and connect with us on social media.

The app is available in English, Spanish, German, Danish, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese.

About us

Daniel Harding and Nina Aagaard are the founders and designers of Bear In Mind App.
Nina has a degree in software development and is an SEO expert, web designer and has been a teacher for many years.
Both Daniel and Nina have experience in business development and starting a business.
Lars is a graphic designer and has many years experience in business development and running a business.

Why did we create Bear In Mind – and why is this app important?
We have experienced many times that children and teenagers are missing out on opportunities, appointments, and experiences – like a school concert, sports day or field trip,
– because they forget their sheet music, instrument or sportswear.

Children could get ill because they forget their lunch, asthma inhaler or allergy medicine at home.

Many children also have to leave their home on their own in the morning (or in the afternoon) because the parents leave for work earlier, and often the children are alone at home when they get back from school.

Children and teenagers can easily forget their sportswear for sports in the afternoon or forget their chores. Maybe they forget an important paper slip for a school excursion, forms or missing an important assignment deadline.

We want to make it easier, more fun by making both children and teenagers confident that Bear In Mind will remind them of their commitments. It will also keep parents relaxed at work, knowing that Bear In Mind will remind their children and teenagers of the next important task on their to-do list.

This app will have a positive impact on the whole family by improving their quality of life. The app will help families to stay relaxed and to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
It will help children and parents to avoid high-stress levels during an activity-filled week.

We need your help

We are asking for your help to raise money for an advertisement in a parenting magazine, updates in the app and to market the app on social media.
We need your help to spread the word and support our campaign to make it possible for us to market the app in order to reach as many parents, children and teenagers as possible.
If you do not have the means to support us, then please share our campaign.

We also welcome people that would like to help us with social media, and also welcome native speaking people (with experience) to translate our text for localization in App Store and Google Play.

Alternative ways of supporting us

The best way to help is to download Bear In Mind (available for IOS devices, and soon Android) and if you enjoy our application spread the word. Tell your friends, share via your favorite social networks, and use it during the week.
Please help us to build a community, and spread the word.

What will a successful campaign mean to the project?

This would mean everything to us. Our main goal is to reach out to as many parents, children, and teenagers as possible. However, we need funds to market the app.

A successful campaign would mean that we could market the app in a US parenting magazine and develop the app further by implementing more features in the future to make Bear In Mind even better.

If we exceed the campaign target to cover cost of marketing the app in the magazine, we will then spend the remaining funds on further developments in the app and for traveling, in order to go and talk about the app and make presentations, create marketing material such as flyers, web add and so on.

How will we spend the money raised on IndieGoGo?

– Marketing ( web, social media campaign) of 60.000 USD (49.000 GBP)
– Flyers about the app ( 1500 GBP)
– Updates in the app of 5000 GBP – ( make the app free for download and add purchase in-app, and design more icons for tasks in the app and more)

– advertisement in the American magazine Parents, the price for the advertisement is 41.000 USD

List of features in the app

Morning alarm: After the morning alarm wakes you, today’s tasks will be shown on the screen
Simple overview: Tick off each task, as you complete them
Easy set up: Quick and easy to enable/disable tasks, alarms, reminders and weekdays
Positive: When all tasks for TODAY are done, you get a happy, positive boosting message
Weekly alarm: Enable a weekly alarm for each task, to fit with your timetable and after-school activities
Reminders: Choose up to 2 reminders for each task
28 predefined tasks: Choose from 28 predefined tasks or create your own custom tasks
42 icons: Choose between 42 icons for your custom tasks
Easy calls: Create your own VIP contacts with images for quick calls
Enable/disable: Your reminders for Mondays, Tuesdays etc. are repeated weekly, until you change or disable them
Music and ringtones: 35 unique sounds and alarms to choose from including excerpts from live recorded musicians
Customize reminders: Change the ringtone and time of reminders. Use the reminder once or enable weekly repeat
Customize alarm: Customize the morning alarm for every single day of the week. Change the ringtone and time of the alarm. Use the alarm once or enable weekly repeat
Languages in app: English, Danish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Japanese or Chinese
Images: Select an image from the application, your gallery, or take a photo
Works offline: Fully functional when offline
No user registration: No hassle with user registration or creating accounts

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