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Horn Of Africa Cyclone Funds.

My name is Abdinasir Mohamud, like many of you I left Somalia a long time ago because of the war that was happening. I want to be able to help my people as much as I can.

I’ve created a organization called Cansomida.
Cansomida is a non-profit organization that helps raise money for country’s when disasters and tragedy’s happen. This year, we are raising for the people of Somalia who were hit by cyclone in April , 2018.

The cyclone brought severe flash flooding and river flooding across the region that lead to loss of human life, livestock, and the destruction of crops, property and infrastructure.

The funds will be withdrawn in the organizations account and will be distributed to the people of Somalia, to help provide them with food and clothing as well as being able to buy materials to re-build their houses and buy livestock.

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