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Elshan Allahverdiyev (1974 year of birth) begins his medical treatments at the age of 12 (in 1986) against his diagnosed oncologic disease of Lymphogranulomatosis in the hospitals of Baku, Azerbaijan. Despite all the treatments, not only does his health condition worsen, but other diseases occur. Thus, the former Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan sends Elshan to Moscow, to the M. Lomonosov hospital for additional treatment and here he undergoes a heart surgery as well. Within 5 years, throughout the treatment period, Elshan passes 120 sessions of radiotherapy.

In the following years, Elshan’s health conditions worsens even more, he gets diagnosed additionally with the diabetes and the heart problems advance. For the last 10 years, his heart has been in a near-failure condition with only 20% of sufficiency to beat normally. In order to beat healthily, Elshan urgently needs to undergo a surgery in Iran, where he will be implanted a so-called “battery”. The surgery will cost USD 30 000.

Since the age of 12, throughout the years of battle with the oncologic, diabetic and heart diseases, his only financial and moral supporter has been his mother Shafiga, who is 66 and herself suffers from Vertebrobasilar Circulatory Disorder, Hypertonia, Coronary Cardiosclerosis (heart disease) and Diabetes. The monthly income of the family is AZN 300 (~USD 185).

Please extend your financial support and contribute to saving Elshan’s life! May God be with all those who suffer from diseases and bless those who support them!

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