Kat D Displaced Due 2 Disability & Serious Illness GoFundME ViralExposure.us Campaign

Myself and my 15 year old daughter are facing an impending eviction!!! We are about to lose everything that I have worked so hard to overcome!!! I was declared disabled in 2010 (PTSD, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION) I had attempted to get off SSI by starting my own business, “Kat of All Trades!!! Which was successful until I became extremely ill, with a kidney infection that had gone septic!!!

Due to my getting off of SSI, I had lost my Medical benefits as well!!! So, my illness and my mental disabilities have gone untreated and unmedicated for over a year now!!! I was turned out of the ER due to lack of medical insurance Dec 5th 2018, and my car was stolen December 12th 2018 of which I had no insurance, I had pawned all of my tools or lost them in storage, so now I am a Handywoman and a Landscaper without any tools or vehicle!!!

Now we are going to lose the roof over our heads and everything else we own!!! I have always given when I don’t have much to give and I have never been good at asking for help, but right now we could truly use some blessings!!! Lotsa love light and blessings to all!!!


For more info: http://http://gofundme.com/kat-d-displaced-due-2-disability-serious-illness